Writing every day

Euan’s post prompted me to think about how it’s such a struggle to try and write something every day. I know I want to but have to play mind games with myself to actually make it happen. I was doing quite well earlier this year but then everything seemed to step up a level at BGV a few months ago and something had to give.

I think remembering why I do it is important. As Euan says,

For me the biggest reason to blog is personal. If I don’t blog I don’t think as much, or at least not with as much focus. I don’t notice as much. I am less aware of what is happening around me and what it might mean. Of course if you blog in public then hopefully others will benefit from your efforts and if you are seen to be interesting and know what you are talking about then the process can lead to all sorts of opportunities. It’s like lobbing pebbles into ponds. You don’t always know where the ripples are going to go but you get better at lobbing bigger pebbles into better ponds.

So I’ll try harder and see if I can get back to daily blogging. I’m sure I’ll miss a few but it’s a habit I want to work on.

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