A little while back I met Tom Savage at a event about social enterprise. Tom is behind Tiptheplanet which is a kind of editable ‘How To’ guide to being more sustainable. It strikes me as a genuinely useful use of a wiki — as Tom explains:

From little things, like cleaning your leather shoes with a banana skin – (rub with the inside of the peel, then wipe and buff with a cloth), dusting down the coils at the back of the fridge (dusty coils can waste up to 30% extra electricity) or not having a screen saver (set your computer to sleep instead to save money and energy)… To those bigger issues, such as recycling (if 100,000 people who currently don’t recycle began to do so, they could collectively reduce CO2 emissions by 42,000 tons a year) to turning off office lights at night (Lighting an average-size office overnight wastes enough energy to heat water for 1000 cups of tea), www.tiptheplanet.com has tips that can help individuals and organisations do their bit toward making the world a better, easier and cheaper-to-live in place!

Well worth a look.

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