The niggly list

There are many niggly things I hate doing. These range from things that are just a bit awkward (needing to move a meeting) through to things that have a few steps (arranging a trip) or things that involve bureacracy (tax return!). It turns out there are even more if I don’t do them.

The way I’ve developed of dealing with these is to create a little list on the notes app of my phone each morning (actually I often start it on my way home the day before). It just has the name of the day and then three niggly things that I could do that day. It’s not urgent or particularly prioritised — it’s just things that I know I need to do at some point and I don’t like doing.

Then I try to get them done before I have a coffee at 11am. Turns out if you do a few each day, niggly things are less niggly.

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