The Moon Walkers

Full moon

So on Wednesday I got a forwarded text message from a friend with instructions to meet at Victoria and get a particular train into Kent that evening. “We’re going on a Moon Walk” was the only clue about what I was letting myself in for.

It’s such a great idea — every full moon, somebody works out the logistics and invites friends to bring friends. You head up to an hour out of London into the countryside, walk to a pub, have dinner and then do the walk by moonlight back round to the station to get the last train back into town.

Walking at night is such a different sensation to walking during the day and the moonlit views over the hills were incredible. Navigating at night is also (obviously) quite a challenge… but we only got a bit lost near the end and still made it to the train.

I suppose the only worry I have is that maybe it’s a sign of how overworked we all are that the only time we get to go walking is at night!

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