Tech for Good Meetup


Lily hosted a great Tech for Good Meetup yesterday evening at Google Campus.

  • Mark spoke about DocReady and why it’s important to do things that are useful rather than trying to ‘cure’ problems.
  • Gerlinde talked about the potential of tech to improve education and what she’s learned about listening to your users through creating KoSu.
  • Kieron freaked everybody out with a bit of magic and then gave a rallying call for more open hardware for good projects
  • Marina talked about how important it is to involve users in designing the way that you measure your impact
  • Sarah talked about the brilliant Campus for Mums programme which is open for applications
  • And finally Glen talked about why Bethnal Green Ventures is an argument with the world about what we should do with technology

Oh and of course if you have an idea for using tech for good — come and talk to us because applications are open.

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