Switching to Android

Since my Fairphone arrived I’ve had an enforced switch from iOS to Android. First impressions were good and now a few weeks into the experience I have to say that I think I prefer Android. It’s actually not a big shift — all of the apps that I was using on the iPhone are available as Android apps and then there are a few things that are better such as Google Now. I also prefer the calendar app on Android having never found one that really worked for me on iPhone.

The only downside has been the BBC apps which just aren’t quite as good. The iPlayer radio app is very glitchy and it feels like they just haven’t put much effort into it which is a shame. My conclusion so far is that Android is definitely going to continue to grow and from what the teams tell me at BGV they now find it easier to develop for Android than for iOS. The stores are also less idiosyncratic and there’s more freedom to do what you want.
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