Social Innovation Camp — thanks!


So Social Innovation Camp is over and I think we can already say that it was a riproaring success. Congratulations to winners Enabled by Design and runners up RateYourPrison. All the teams did an amazing job considering we gave them about 42 hours to try and build a new social start-up including a working prototype of their sites.

When Dan, Christian and I cooked up the idea, I don’t think we had an inkling of how much energy and enthusiasm would suddenly be unleashed. We really tapped into a desire to use the web for social action and are so grateful to everybody who came along and put so much into it.

Anna deserves almost all the credit for making the event happen — she was fantastic. Although on the surface it might have appeared very freeform and low-fi there was lots of thought put into the format of the event and the exact mix of people who were there. It was also incredibly hard work (as the photo above shows) but we all slept pretty well last night I think.

There are hundreds of photos on Flickr, Twitter was fizzing all weekend, David Wilcox has been using Qik to post videos and Bobbie Johnson from the Guardian has been doing a fantastic job of blogging the weekend.

Now we just have to decide whether to do it again…

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