Productivity hacks: Meditation

I’ve been getting more into meditation recently and I think it’s helping me feel calmer and less stressed, and hence more productive. I’ve noticed that when I’m overloaded I slow down overall. If there’s too much in my head it’s tricky to focus.

I first tried meditation in a pre-app age but tech has helped me get back into it. I was a little bit sceptical when my friend Rohan started talking about the crossover between mindfulness and tech years and years ago but he was absolutely right of course. It’s now become a bit of a tech industry trend with people I look up to like Nic and Brad writing about their experiences.

Buddhify (created by Rohan) is excellent and has a pretty amazing variety of meditation that you can learn. I also like Headspace because of the way it easily gets into a daily routine — just 10 minutes a day to start with.

Anyway it’s definitely helped me to feel healthier, calmer and more productive so I’ll try to keep it up especially when things are busy at BGV.

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