I’ve been struggling with passwords for a while. I sign up for all kinds of things and keeping track of all the different password/username/email combinations has frankly become a bit of a nightmare, especially across different computers, tablets and phones. Then there’s the worry about anything other than randomly generated passwords when it comes to hacking attacks (and even those might not be good enough in the long run).

Although a lot of people recommend it, to be honest I found 1Password pretty baffling to start with. There are a bunch of sites that it doesn’t really work with very well and out of the box it doesn’t sync across machines.

In the end though I settled on using 1Password with Dropbox and gradually using it to replace all my passwords with new ones randomly generated by 1Password. By the way the Dropbox synching only works if you have your Dropbox folder in the default location on a Mac — took me a while to work that out.

(Just spotted that Nic Brisbourne posted about the same subject today!)

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