One of my favourite websites

One of my favourite websites is the Nobel Museum. If ever you’re feeling short of inspiration I heartily recommend a visit especially having a browse through the lectures given by laureates.

A few weeks ago JM Coetzee gave his wry, sly, confusing acceptance speech for the prize for literature. Another literature favourite of mine is Saul Bellow’s from 1976 but the scientists have made some wonderful ones too — the big names are all there but there’s something about the occasion that brings out the best in nearly everyone.

I remember going to the museum that was set up for the hundredth anniversary of the founding of the prizes in Stockholm a couple of years ago. I seem to remember spending most of the day in there — partly because it was -12 Celsius outside but mainly because it was just fascinating. Like the website there was information on everybody who’d ever won as well as stuff on all the places that had produced them. Unfortunately some of the best films at the museum aren’t available online.

Another thing I love about the site (the same was true for the museum) is the wonderful level of detail available — for instance here’s the menu for the banquet when Saul Bellow won the prize. I can taste that Château Lacaussade 1970 right now.

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