Nudge nudge

We had a pretty amazing turnout for the Tech for Good meetup this evening — well over 200 people. Well done to Kieron who made this one happen and thank you to Campus for hosting and Nominet Trust for sponsoring the drinks.

It was on behaviour change which seems to be a hot topic these days. We’ve seen more applications around behaviour change (particularly for health) in the past couple of cohorts of BGV than in previous rounds. I think there are huge amounts that behavioural economics and psychology can offer to the social venture world. There’s so much interesting work and evidence on types of intervention available — this UCL project was mentioning this evening that catalogues 93 Behaviour Change Techniques.

For me there’s always the question of whether people know they’re being nudged. I’m not really comfortable with these kind of tricks unless people have opted into getting some help in improving their behaviour.

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