Nearly past it

Steven Johnson links to a feature about America’s generation Y increasingly starting up businesses. Some really interesting stuff in there.

Generation Y, born between 1977 and 1994, may well be on its way to becoming the most entrepreneurial generation in our nation’s history — and for very good reasons. They took their baby steps during our first true entrepreneurial decade, the 1980s; watched their parents “restructured” out of what were once lifetime corporate jobs; (and) saw barriers to entry collapse as technology democratized the business start-up process…

Although I have no data to back it up, it certainly feels like it’s happening on this side of the pond too. I’ve been hanging out with Make Your Mark quite a lot over the past year and been amazed at the level of energy around the campaign from young people who are sometimes on their second or third businesses. And as Steven mentions, this generation is certainly the most political for quite a while. Frustrated with the old structures of politics and ways of doing things, we’ve created our own.

Which all means I’d better get on with it before I’m over the hill… I turn 30 in two months time.

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