Mainstream Green

I went along to Grand Designs Live yesterday in a very big shed in London’s Docklands. It was amazing to see how mainstream eco-living is becoming. I remember when the only place you could really see renewables demonstrated was CAT in Wales, but now there are hundreds of companies getting in on the act.

The funny thing is that alongside the stands selling solar water heaters and wind turbines, you still have people selling gas-fired patio heaters and energy guzzling hot-tubs. It’s all very strange. I’m writing a bit about it at the moment because I think we’re only just at the beginning of climate change confusion.

Anyway, I did come away with a very cool toy. Bye Bye Standby

basically makes it really easy to turn off all those gadgets that sit on stand by in one go. Seems to work really well.

Bye Bye Standby

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