Johnson vs Eno

I really enjoyed Monday night’s chat between Steven and Brian. They started off talking about The Ghost Map but the conversation spread its tentacles to include Second Life, neighbourhoods, modern renaissance and slums. Great stuff and Brian got a good chance to talk about Long Now ideas as well.

A podcast is coming soon if you missed it or couldn’t get a ticket — the event sold out completely which isn’t bad for a Monday night.

Some links to follow up:

Matt Jones (he of EnoQuest) has posted his raw notes,

My friend Joe Lee was photographer for the evening and got some great shots (including the one above)

Sebastian Mary asked the best questions on the night and has some thoughts here.

And Steven admits that he and Brian were attempting mind control on the audience.

I’m hoping to do more Long Now London events. If you fancy helping out drop me an email. It’s all unpaid at the moment but I think this event showed the interest is definitely there on this side of the pond.

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