I’ve joined the Good Gym

I’m useless at going to the gym. I’ve been a member of various schemes over the years — most recently I was spending about £40 a month and going, well, erm, let’s just say not very often. So I’ve stopped the direct debit and joined the Good Gym instead.

Back in December 2008 we picked Ivo Gormley’s idea for Social Innovation Camp — here’s his original application. Over the course of the weekend a brilliant team developed the idea and in the final pitching session the team won. Since then Ivo and the team have got the project off the ground and now I’ve moved to Tower Hamlets I can be part of it.

So after a CRB check, The Good Gym has matched me up with Veronica who I’ll be visiting once a week to deliver some fruit and have a bit of a chat. And as I met with Veronica for the first time this evening the project was featured on BBC London News which was a nice coincidence.

You can find out more about the project here. If you’d like to join or can help grow the project to other areas, do get in touch.

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