It had to happen

Demos has a MySpace page.

It’s in advance of the launch of Their Space: Education for a Digital Generation by my friends Hannah Green and Celia Hannon. I helped out a bit with the research for the project and it’s been fascinating to work on. Hannah and Celia have done a brilliant job at bringing it all together and writing what I think is one of the best Demos reports for quite a while.

The piece basically takes apart the myth of ‘digital danger’ for teens. It suggests that schools in particular should have a lot more faith in kids ability to navigate the online world and should rearrange the way that IT is taught to put the kids in charge. The findings (which are all about kids in the UK) mesh neatly with things we’d learned about the US from danah boyd’s work.

There’s a podcast about the report here and it will be out as a pdf shortly. Well worth a read.

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