I’m on the iPhone

I cracked and bought one this morning. I could try justifying the decision by saying it was because my ancient iPod has worn out, or that I was getting frustrated by trying to use email on my Nokia, but really, it was sheer Apple-induced gadget lust and I simply gave in to temptation.

Quite funny seeing the interaction between Apple and Carphone Warehouse on this. CPW aren’t exactly known for their seamless customer service and I did have to be quite forceful to convince them to give me one. The problem was that they weren’t letting O2 customers out of their contracts to get iPhones. Then there was obviously some edict from on high sent round their call centres on Saturday afternoon. They had me sorted out within a few minutes of complaining.

  • Set up: From opening the box to having everything synched up was a very easy and pleasurable experience.
  • The way Google Maps work: On wifi anyway the directions thing is brilliant — not sure how fast it will be on O2.
  • Multitouch: just incredible. It becomes second nature within seconds and then you realise quite how advanced the technology must be.

As lots of people have said, it’s not perfect, but it is the first device I’ve had in a while that really does fit Arthur C Clark’s maxim. I love it.

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