Happy New Year (and a few resolutions)

Happy New Year! We spent ours in Berlin with me getting over a nasty cold so it wasn’t very raucous. The rest of Berlin on the other hand was very, very noisy. I hadn’t realised how seriously they take their fireworks. Today the streets are littered with plastic and cardboard from what must have been millions of flashes and bangs over the course of the night.

I did quite well at my resolutions last year and have kept up exercise and meditation much more easily than I expected. It’s funny how tech can help make things into habits (Runkeeper and Headspace gave the nudges earlier in the year but now I do both without much help).

This year I’m going to try:

  • Drinking less with some help from new BGV team Club Soda
  • Blogging more by adding it to my morning routine
  • Using a standing desk (think that will require some DIY next week)
  • Going veggie at home with some help from Anna Jones’s excellent A Modern Way to Eat.

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