Edge Interview with Brian Goodwin

Just chanced across a brilliant interview with the theoretical biologist, Brian Goodwin on Edge.org. If you haven’t come across him before, he’s author of “How the leopard changed its spots — the evolution of complexity” which is one of the best explanations of what we could learn from natural systems I’ve ever read. I have a few friends who’ve studied with him down at Schumacher College in the beautiful surroundings of Dartington Hall in Devon, all are in awe of the man. Here’s a little taster from the interview:

“It’s not with theoretical physics that the 21st century lies. Theoretical physics is a beautiful structure, the essence of the intellectual adventure that characterizes current science. But now what we face is crises of the environment, crises of health, crises of community. These are the problems that we now face and we need a science that will actually address these issues and give us ways of being in the world that will allow us to live a life of quality. “

You can read the whole thing here.

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