Can you fly a jumbo jet upside down?

It just struck me how odd it is to be able to fly planes upside down so I went and had a look at how it’s actually done and came across this lovely story and accompanying video about Boeing test pilot Tex Johnston who first rolled a jumbo jet when testing the 707.

The plane lands at Boeing field and Tex gets out and starts to walk away from the plane. A Boeing official runs over to Tex and tells him Mr. Allen wants to see him now. Mr. Allen is the president of Boeing. So Tex heads off across the street to the Boeing Exec offices and into Mr. Allens office.

Tex walks in. Mr Allen from behind his desk says, “How are you Tex? How’s the family”?

Tex answers the boss.

Mr Allen then says, “I hear you rolled the plane today, Tex”.

Tex says quietly, “Yes sir I did”.

Mr Allen answers, “Don’t do it again. Bye Tex. Say hello to the wife.”

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