BGV Summer 2013

Today is a pretty exciting day for me as it’s day 1 of the Bethnal Green Ventures programme. Over the next three months we’ll be working very closely with the ten teams who made it through our selection process and trying to help them get off to the best possible start. It’s very early days for all of them so we can’t say too much publicly about what they’re all up to but this list gives you a hint or two:

  • Benkyo Player — making educational video subtitles searchable
  • Commonplace — generating user-centred neighbourhoods and cities
  • Fluency— equipping young people with digital skills
  • KNRYÂ — saving lives in the emergency services
  • Open Utility — enabling peer to peer energy trading
  • Playlab London — building game to help sufferers manage the effects of panic attacks
  • See What I Mean — a communication tool for people with dementia
  • Savvify— empowering and exciting hard to reach groups about technology
  • Trackwall — educational and immersive games for school children.
  • WriteLaTeX — a complete cloud based approach to scientific publishing

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