Better Humans?

Madeleine Bunting has written a good piece in today’s Guardian hooked on the book out next week that I’ve edited with James Wilsdon called Better Humans? The book is a collection of essays about human enhancement, and as Madeleine writes:

“It’s time we got our heads around this debate on this side of the Atlantic so that we can influence what technologies are developed, rather than leaving it to the scientists and the pharmaceutical and military interests who sponsor their research. There’s a growing sense of urgency to get the public debate up to speed with what’s at stake.”

Contributors to the book include Rachel Hurst, Steven Rose, Raj Persaud, Arthur Caplan, Decca Aitkenhead and Nick Bostrom. Hopefully the diverse range of positions they put forward will help us get our heads around the debate.

If you’d like to come along to the launch event in London, we’ve decided to get some more chairs in (it’s already oversubscribed) and we’ll fit you in.

It was also incidently my first Skype-enabled publication. With James in Phoenix, me in Bangalore and Julie and Julia holding the fort in London we somehow managed to do the final stages of the book across multiple time zones.

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