‘Better Humans?’ on tour

I did a talk last night about Better Humans? at the Science Cafe in Swansea which was good fun. I’ve done a few of these now — the one in Nottingham went on to form the story at the beginning of the book. They’re such a valuable way of talking about science and technology and doing the kind of upstream engagement that Demos has argued for over the past few years. The audience varied between ages 11 and 80, and most of the evening was given over to discussion which was always intelligent, thoughtful and probing. It was far more enjoyable (and worthwhile) than some of the more academic sessions I’ve been to on the subject.

Many thanks to everybody who came along and especially to Emily Roberts at Swansea University for lining it all up.

My trip was capped off by a heart-clogging South Wales breakfast before getting the train back to London. I don’t think it did much good for my chances of immortality.

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