The yeast in the local economy

I’m up in Derbyshire this week and having a bit of an explore. While I don’t think you could say the economy is booming, there are some really interesting things going on. Yesterday I popped into the excellent Thornbridge Brewery which is on an industrial estate just outside Bakewell. The estate is a ramshackle collection […]

Tricky business: negotiating a seed investment deal

When that first person says ‘yes’ things start to get really interesting. I remember the first time somebody said ‘I’d like to invest’ to me it actually came as something of a shock. I’d been pitching for so long and getting nowhere that I didn’t think it would ever happen — but it did. When they say […]

Tricky Business: What should be in a deck for impact investors?

We got a few emails off the back of last week’s Tricky Business asking what we thought should be in the simple deck for investors — especially if you’re trying to do something with a social impact or if you’re approaching impact investors. So you’ll have to wait for ‘negotiating terms’ until next week (I know, you’re […]

Gadgets I’ve had for a while — Seiko Kinetic watch

I love a gadget. Perhaps not on the scale of people like Richard Ayaode or Jonathan Margolis but I do like good kit. So I thought once a week maybe I’d post about some gizmo — but to prevent me from just writing about new and shiny things though I thought I’d sticky to gadgets I’ve had […]