A few notes on quantified self tools

I’ve been playing with a few quantified self tools over the last year (really since I went along to the Quantified Self Europe conference in November 2011). Thought I’d just scribble a few notes about what I’ve found. Fitbit was good for a while — I’ve actually gone through four of them though. I lost the first […]

Big Data and public services

It’s great to see Mastodon CÂ (BGV 2012) get some profile for their big data work in the Economist this week. The prescription statins project is one they did jointly with Ben Goldacre, Open Health Care UK and the newly launched Open Data Institute where the team are now based. It didn’t take long for […]

Buffalo Bikes

I went along to Impact Engine’s Demo Day in Chicago this afternoon which was excellent — congratulations to Chuck and the team for a great event. The opening talk was by FK Day, one of the founders of SRAM which the bike geeks amongst you will know for their rather fine racing bike gears and Rock Shox […]