Jawbone Big Jambox

Have to admit I’m loving our new Jawbone BIG Jambox. The sound quality and volume it produces are pretty amazing and it’s so easy to pair up with a laptop, tablet or phone. You can also use it as a speaker-phone for mobile phone or skype calls although I haven’t really tested that out in anger yet. So far, it firmly falls into the ‘just works’ camp of electronics — I think I’ve only pressed one button on it.

We got a little bit of an Amazon windfall that made it cheaper than the slightly steep $299 list price. I haven’t really heard the smaller JamBox which seems to be quite discounted at the moment so can’t say whether that’s as good. Most of the solutions I’ve looked at for sound seem to involve extra software, rewiring your house or lots of expensive equipment. Jambox doesn’t need any of those so is just perfect for what I was looking for. If you’re looking for a simple way to get good sound quality from internet services like iPlayer or Spotify I’d thoroughly recommend it.