Venus’s basement


I loved this piece on the BBC News site about the work of Jacque Fresco, the now 97 year old architect behind the Venus Project. It would seem to go quite nicely with Elon Musk’s Hyperloop. Perhaps you could drive your Tesla to the Hyperloop station, hop on and be out at the Fresco designed city of the future in the New Mexico desert ready to take off on a Space X Flight to Mars.

I’ve always had a soft spot for architectural visions of the future, so much so that I lived in one at BedZED in south London. The truth of these kind of clean, shiny developments though is that you need to make all the systems behind them work and that can be far harder than creating the vision in the first place. I remember going down into the basement of Biosphere 2 and realising just how much gubbins you need to even support a dozen people. Every city has its equivalent of that basement and if Fresco’s ideas are to be put into practice, that’s where the real invention will need to take place.
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