Only connect — making networks useful

I’ve generally tried to live by the adage of “always learn from people who are better than you” and yesterday we helped launch the Accelerator AssemblyÂ — a network for EU tech accelerator programmes which we’ll be co-ordinating along with our friends at Seedcamp, Techstars, Seed-DB, Nesta, Startup Weekend and Howtoweb.

It shows how much accelerators have developed in the EU in the last few years — first of all that now there are enough of us to have a network but also that the European Commission sees accelerators as an important part of their work to boost growth. Accelerator Assembly is part of a broader initiative called Startup Europe which is about to launch a new €100 million fund for European startups.

The important thing, as with all of these kind of networks, is making it valuable to everybody involved. We’re still working out the right mixture of online and offline and the best ways of swapping ideas but I hope it gives us all the chance to be open and honest about what works and what doesn’t in the way we support startups.

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