Charging gadgets

Wired reports on developments at Splashpower, a company based in Cambridge, which is developing wireless chargers for multiple gizmos. Basically you just place you mobile phone, PDA etc on a pad and they’re all magically (!) charged without the need for carrying around all those annoying cables and transformers. I’ve always wondered why we charge […]

Just come across ‘the official Jon Ronson site’ which is well worth a look. Jon Ronson is a journalist based in the UK who I first became a fan of through his ‘human zoo’ columns which used to feature in the Guardian’s Weekend Magazine. He’s now quite well known for his TV documentaries following some […]

Big, big plans for very small things

Here’s a piece written for Green Futures magazine on the questions we need to ask about the social and environmental impacts of nanotechnology. “Think small, think very small. The science of the moment is nanotechnology; the manipulation of matter at a molecular scale. Derived from the greek for midget, the prefix ‘nano’ means 109 or […]