Charlie Munger: The Complete Investor

AKA the gateway drug for more expensive Charlie Munger books I was going to read Poor Charlie’s Almanack last week but balked at the price of nearly £90. According to one reviewer this may make me a poor investment decision-maker but we’ll come back to that later. Instead I read Charlie Munger: The Complete Investor […]

Five podcasts I like at the moment

I’ve really upped the amount of time I spend listening to podcasts over the last twelve months. I think it’s partly that the quality and variety of what’s available has increased but it’s also displaced reading articles on the web as a lot of the sites and publications I used to read have become more […]

Documentary of the week — Tickled

It’s pretty difficult to write about Tickled without giving too much away but if you want good documentary story-telling about something you probably know nothing about, then you should definitely watch it. The story starts with New Zealand journalist David Farrier innocently finding a Youtube video and Facebook page for ‘endurance tickling competitions’ that involve […]

Book of the week: Black Box Thinking

I’m giving the Book a Week thing a go and thoroughly enjoyed my first one of the year. It was Matthew Syed’s Black Box Thinking about the theory and practice of continuous improvement and marginal gains. The opening story is a heart-rending example that shows how little is done in medicine to systematically learn from […]