I’m not doing brilliantly on my resolutions. Dry January lasted until the 16th, almost all lunch places seem to think vegetarian must equal cow cheese (which I can’t eat) and I’ve missed a few days of blogging. I have stuck with the standing desk though. That’s been great.

Building the future of democracy is a big opportunity

Yesterday was ‘Democracy Day’ on the BBC in commemoration of the 750th anniversary of the first parliament of elected representatives at Westminster — the de Montfort Parliament. I dipped in and out of programmes and the online discussion but it struck me that the debate was all really within the framework of representative democracy and our current […]

Nudge nudge

We had a pretty amazing turnout for the Tech for Good meetup this evening — well over 200 people. Well done to Kieron who made this one happen and thank you to Campus for hosting and Nominet Trust for sponsoring the drinks. It was on behaviour change which seems to be a hot topic these days. We’ve […]