Good things this week #3

Chris Hoy’s BBC ‘How to win gold’ including an interview with his hero Graeme Obree The BBC documentary about the building of Crossrail — The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway Swimming at the London Aquatics Centre — feels like a massive privilege two years on from the game Getting into The Last of Us — wow, what a game The Hungarian Grand […]

Good things this week #2

Bit late this week but here are my highlights: All the pictures of the lightning storms. Running around the Olympic Park — it’s looking really good these days. TEA from Hogback — lovely caramel hit. Brunch at Mare and Beck — good eggs. 7 hour lamb shoulder at Great Queen Street — nom. Finishing Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson — such an amazing book, gives you […]

Does ‘tech that matters’ matter?

Yesterday Marc Andreessen kicked off one of his now familiar tweetstorms about whether Silicon Valley is working on stuff that matters and whether that, erm, matters. “make trivial apps” vs “do things that matter” are not actually in conflict-there’s plenty of room and plenty of money to do both. If you’re A16Z then there is […]

Tricky business: closing a seed investment round

(Also posted over on the BGV blog) When people have said ‘yes’ to investing in your venture and you’ve agreed on the basic terms, you’d imagine things might get easier. Unfortunately it’s usually trickier than that. Seed rounds can rumble on for several months before you actually get the money in the bank and start […]