What goes wrong in regulated utilities?

For one reason or another I’ve recently been dealing with lots of big companies in markets where new entrants find it difficult because of the way they are regulated. They all have one thing in common — terrible customer service. I’m wondering whether it’s just a coincidence or whether there’s something inherently wrong in the basic way […]

Crowdfunding social ventures

Liam and Peter have a post up on the Nesta Impact Investment blog asking whether crowdfunding can work for social ventures. It’s a very good explanation of the issues you might face if you’re thinking about doing it. We’ve just watched Fairphone do incredibly well by using crowdfunding for pre-sales but I have to admit […]

What to think about Bitcoin?

The strongest evangelisers of Bitcoins have always been libertarians. But an increasing majority of the people interested in Bitcoin are only “libertarianish”, despairing of government rather than opposed to it. I’m not quite sure what to think about Bitcoin but the feature in this weekend’s FT has a healthy level of scepticism which probably mirrors […]