Being weird

A brilliant article floated to the top of Hacker News yesterday about the work of Joe Henrich and his colleagues. I’m learning a lot about behavioural psychology at the moment because I’m thinking about cognitive biases in the way investments get selected. The basic point of the article is that a lot of our understanding […]

Beware disruption for disruption’s sake

Even though it seems like a negative word, people often talk about disruption as a good thing in the tech world. VC firms say they only invest in ‘disruptive’ technologies, founders want to pitch at ‘disrupt’ conferences, companies fear being incremental (often seen as the opposite of disruptive) because it means they will fall behind. […]


Aside from the difficulty of starting and growing a successful company in the first place, there’s also the challenge of getting an ‘exit’ where the return on the investment you’ve put in is made ‘liquid’. In the dot-com boom the answer was an IPO and then from 2002–2012 the answer was ‘get bought by a […]