Application forms: the good, the bad and the ugly

This is part of a series for the Field Guide project looking at the best ways to support early-stage social ventures. Every now and then I’ve found myself screaming at application forms. I think some organisations take pleasure from writing the most annoying, time consuming, fiddly, technologically difficult and infuriating applications known to humankind. Other […]

Formula E

I’m pretty excited about the prospect of the FIA’s Formula E. I’m a closet Formula One fan but more for the engineering and strategy than the glamour and carbon dioxide emissions and I honestly don’t care about the noise. Formula One cars are loud but don’t sound ‘beautiful’ in the way that some road cars […]

He really does look like Tom Hanks As a follow on to my post about Steven Johnson’s book, Clay Shirky’s TED talk is well worth a watch. He talks about the clash that’s going on between hierarchy and networks in the world of government and policy and points to the growth of methods of collaboration like Github in open source as […]

Future Perfect — the case for peer progressivism

I’ve never been quite sure which political box I fit into. When I was younger I tried being a member of various political parties but nothing was quite right even though I was interested in political issues. As time went on I came to realise that it was partly the way that political parties were […]

Why social investment is more than a fad

I’m no fan of buzzwords or phrases but sometimes there is something substantive behind them. Over the past few years ‘social investment’ (also known as ‘impact investment’ in some quarters, particularly the US) has been growing as an idea and, while I was a bit of a cynic early on, I’m coming round to the […]