How to get brilliant people talking to one another

When I was a policy wonk I went to some very odd events. On one occasion I found myself giving a talk about public attitudes to nanotechnology at an academic conference in Columbia, South Carolina. Like many academic conferences it was a bit hard to follow unless you’re deeply immersed in the very specific vocabulary […]

Why gadgets matter (even if the hype is a bit annoying)

I’ve been thinking a little bit about gadgets in advance of the now widely trailed Apple announcement tomorrow. It feels like one of the biggest tech media events for a while with the tech blogs getting so desperate for news they’re even covering shipping prices. The thing I care about is how we can use […]

The Information Diet

If you get a chance, I’d definitely recommend reading Clay Johnson’s book — The Information Diet. Clay was a founder of Blue State Digital — the company that many people credit with winning Barack Obama the presidency in 2008 thanks to their online campaign. He’s left that world behind now but is obviously still passionate about politics and particularly […]