What do founders get from accelerator programs?

When I think back to why we applied to Seedcamp, it was probably the money that attracted us in the first place. We’d been working on School of Everything for about a year, running the company on a very small amount of cash which was rapidly running out, so €50,000 of investment was quite enticing. […]

How to start a social startup: the boring bits

There are some bits of starting a company that everybody has to do, no matter whether their aims are to change the world or not. I thought I’d just write quickly how we went about doing the legal setup, banking and accounting for School of Everything because when we started out, I had no idea […]

I, for one, welcome our new technological overlords

One of my favourite reads of 2010 was Kevin Kelly’s What Technology Wants. The idea at the heart of the book is that technology’s evolution is inevitable and even predictable and that our future as the human race is bound up with the direction that it takes. Kelly traces all technology in a long historical […]