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Team Everything

There was a really nice piece about School of Everything in yesterday’s Financial Times. It was quite funny for me because Jonathan had told me that it was coming out on a Wednesday and I have a long running battle with my local newsagent who insists that the FT isn’t published on a Wednesday and so never stocks it.

Anyway, I think the main theme that comes out is the difference between motivations on either side of the Atlantic for creating web businesses. Obviously it’s a huge generalisation because there are some fantastic ‘change the world’ businesses that have come out of silicon valley, but I do feel that London is more of a hotbed for Umair’s ‘next industrial revolution’ and Tim’s ‘web meets world’ stuff at the moment.

On that note, do submit your ideas for Social Innovation Camp. Just a week and a bit to go until the deadline. And here’s a fantastic little video that explains the concept from the wonderful glovepuppet.

Social Innovation Camp gets rolling

Social Innovation Camp Meetup

Social Innovation Camp Meetup last week was great fun. The guys from Decisions for Heroes presented what they’re up to. Not much doubt about their social purpose — “We Save Lives” is their tagline. John Grant then set everybody thinking about how to reduce junk mail. I hope we’re going to get some ideas sent in on that subject.

Just a reminder that the Social Innovation Camp proper is 5–7th December and you need to submit your ideas by November 7th. So go on… how would you use technology to change the world?

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