School of Everything makes Boing Boing

School of Everything on Boing Boing

So Back to School week was hectic but I think on reflection a massive success. The new site launch went without any hitches, the event on Tuesday was great fun and then on Wednesday we got a huge surge of new users when Cory blogged about us on Boing Boing. No doubts about my favourite quote from the piece:

It’s one of those great, simple, smart ideas that make you want to smack your head and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Back to School

School of Everything

School of Everything got a lovely new design today including a refresh of our logo, new homepage, lots of changes to the templates, new features and plenty of what Pete calls ‘under the hood’ work so we can take much higher traffic.

I think this is my favourite page. I just love seeing how people describe what it is they want to teach and learn — it’s certainly unlike any course catalogue I’ve ever seen.

So we’ve got to version 1.0! We now have a really solid platform to build on — well done Team Everything!