School of Everything, the FT and a tank

School of Everything is in the FT today as part of a nice piece about Seedcamp. Here’s the bit about us:

One characteristic that seems to differentiate the Seedcamp start-ups from their US counterparts is the importance of social causes over the desire to make money.

The team behind School of Everything, an online marketplace to bring together private teachers and students, have backgrounds in journalism and social activism. Their technical director missed a day of Seedcamp so he could buy a tank to drive to a protest at a London arms fair.

Paul Miller, chief executive, says: “We almost started a business by accident. What we were interested in was replacing a 19th-century system of teaching. A start-up is a way to do this on an enormous scale with millions of people.”

Full article is here (registration req’d).

Seedcamp reflections

I’m exhausted but very happy. School of Everything didn’t win at Seedcamp but we’ve had an amazing week. The winners are all brilliant ideas being turned into new companies by great people. Hats off to them and we’re actually going to be working pretty closely with a few of the companies over the coming months.

We’ve been put right at the heart of a wonderful network of mentors and advisers and I feel even more confident that the School of Everything idea is a goer and that we can pull it off.

By the way, it’s worth anybody who wants to get innovation going (policy makers or business people alike) looking at the Seedcamp model. I’m now a very big fan. Saul Klein, whose baby it’s been, is a very clever and generous guy. As a team I’m pretty sure I speak for us all when I say we feel very privileged to have been part of Seedcamp’s Class of 2007.