Steven Johnson has a great piece in the New York Times Magazine today about Will Wright’s Spore. He writes about ‘zooming’ as the motif or our times — those moments when you switch scale radically but the patterns remain similar. I first heard him talk about the idea at a talk he did for us at Demos […]

Be Succeedy

Neil Mullarkey’s latest newsletter has a couple of links to podcasts with The Beermat Entrepreneurs. First as L. Vaughan Spencer: http://www.beermat.biz/short-podcasts/BeermatRadio-Ed13-SHORT.mp3 And then on the value of improvisation in Business: http://www.beermat.biz/short-podcasts/BeermatRadio-Ed14-SHORT.mp3 There was also a brilliant bit (Real Player) on the Today programme that I meant to blog ages ago where Neil came on after […]