The Age of Consent

I’ve always wanted to like George Monbiot. I admire the way he’s built himself up as a successful broadcaster and writer while remaining connected to the leading edge of environmental and social justice campaigning. I identify strongly with his anger for the status quo, with his passion for the idea that ‘another world is possible’. […]


Steven Johnson has invented a new game. Basically the idea is to see how many pages Google returns for a particular word and then see what percentage of those pages also contain the name of a particular person. That percentage is that person’s googleshare of the word. The idea has been put into action here. […]

Half a Hiroshima’s newsletter focuses on the Bush administration’s moves in the past few weeks to lift the ban on the development of ‘low-yield’ nuclear weapons. These are bunker busting warheads with an explosive force of 5 kilotons or less (about one third of the force of bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki). What’s most worrying is […]