“That’s it, I’ve had enough! I’m going to PowerPoint you!”

I don’t quite believe this one, but it’s fun anyway… “I know a woman who disciplines her children with PowerPoint briefing charts. Well, the stapled handouts themselves aren’t the actual punishment; it’s the whole presentation that goes along with them. When things really go awry in the household — when the garbage isn’t taken out, when bedrooms […]

Negroponte on diversity and innovation

An article in Technology Review by founder of MIT’s Medialab and author of Being Digital, Nicholas Negroponte: “One of the basics of a good system of innovation is diversity. In some ways, the stronger the culture (national, institutional, generational, or other), the less likely it is to harbor innovative thinking. Common and deep-seated beliefs, widespread […]

Satisfaction is all you need

An interesting discussion paper from the UK Government’s Strategy Unit: “Most societies pursue a range of ends — such as freedom, justice, human development, order or equality. Some give these goals formal expression: liberté, egalité et fraternité in France; ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ in the USA: — Bhutan even has a stated goal of Gross National […]

Ten emerging technologies that will change the world

The current edition of MIT’s excellent Technology Review puts its finger in the wind to see which way technology is going to blow. However as they put it, “These are not the latest crop of gadgets and gizmos: they are completely new technologies that could soon transform computing, medicine, manufacturing, transportation, and our energy infrastructure.” […]

You have a mobile phone in your print queue

New Scientist reports this week on developments by a team at Berkeley working on using 3D printers to produce complete electronic devices. “Instead of creating a casing and then laboriously filling it with electronic circuit boards, components and switches, the plan is to print a complete and fully assembled device. The trick is to print […]