If you’re in the UK, make sure you watch the next episode of the sublime 2DTV on ITV1 at 10.30pm next Wednesday. The first episode of the new series was on last night and had me in stiches — every cartoon sketch hitting its satirical mark perfectly (take David Beckham asking Victoria “How do you spell DVD?”). […]

Edge Interview with Brian Goodwin

Just chanced across a brilliant interview with the theoretical biologist, Brian Goodwin on Edge.org. If you haven’t come across him before, he’s author of “How the leopard changed its spots — the evolution of complexity” which is one of the best explanations of what we could learn from natural systems I’ve ever read. I have a few […]

Raymond Carver

It was in June 2000, when the Guardian published “What would you like to see?”, that I first got the Carver bug. Almost immediately, I bought everything by him that I could lay my hands on — books of short stories like “What we talk about when we talk about love”, “Cathedral” and “Elephant” — and I loved them […]

Open Policy

“With the click of a mouse, the message was sent. Nike, sports clothing giant and symbol of personal freedom, had created a feature on their website allowing shoppers to customise shoes with words or slogans of their choice. On 5 January 2001, Jonah Peretti ordered a pair of shoes customised with the word ‘sweatshop’ and […]